Eric Omondi on the Spot for conning Singer Madini Classics

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Singer Madini classic has has revealed that comedian Eric Omondi conned him after promising to help him elevate his music career.

While on an interview with a local publication, Madini narrated how Omondi approached him with a sweet deal during the #Playke campaign only to disappear after receiving cash.

According to Madini, he gave Omondi a Ksh 60K, meant to hire a “presidential motorcade” to be used in the making of Madini Classic’s Assumpta video.

However, the conversation ignited by Eric did not bear fruits and ended up causing friction between him and his then management.

“During #PlayKE music Campaign, My good brother Eric Omondi followed me on Instagram and we had a conversation about helping me push my brand further. Eric told me how talented I am and how he would like to sign me and support me as an artiste. He told me how he loved my art since I did Rayvanny’s Kwetu cover. But I told him I was under management.” He said in part

He added that he talked to his management and they agreed to be part of Eric’s deal before they messed him up.

“So I had a discussion with my management about all the developments. Eric then suggested that he would want to package and introduce me as his artist. That packaging would entail some videography. Because he’s the “President Of Comedy in Africa”, he suggested a “presidential motorcade”. High flying SUV cars, and motor bykes would be hired for this. He told me it would cost about 25K. (This budget included looping in Angie the famous dancer who hit headlines when she appeared on Sauti Sol’s Short And Sweet video). But when I gave my boss his number so they communicate, I was surprised Erico quoted 60K. Well, I suggested to bring all these (the cars, the bikes and all that), Eric objected and said I should give him the cash so that he facilitates all these himself” he added

The singer went on to narrate how after shooting the video which Eric was meant to push,the comedian went silent.


“Fast forward to after-the-video, he had promised my boss how he will use his brand to push mine (In the Intro of my song ASSUMPTA, there is a motorcade and Eric’s appearance as part of our deal). Erico never responded to any of my calls & texts, except on one occasion when I literally begged him, that’s when he posted the Introduction Video, once on his Instagram Account.

All these led to alot of issues between me and my management. They saw me as a liar, a deceitful person who wasn’t genuine about my dealings with Eric Omondi. It has led to termination of my management contract coz they view me as a liar. Today I have no management coz of Eric Omondi” he added

Eric Omondi has however responded saying that because he has been travelling a lot, he was unable to push Madini’s brand but he promised to work on it when he comes back.

“Sijakuwa Nairobi for the past few months, nimekuwa UG, Tanzania and USA, idea ilkuwa simple , nimsaidie vitu mbili tu, kwanza tufanye ngoma, na hiyo tushafanya, sasa ile imebaki nikiingia Nairobi ndo sasa tuanze kusukuma the brand. The first step ilikuwa tufanye hiyo ngoma. Na ni vile sijakuwa Nairobi ndugu yangu, so lazima nikuwe around ndo tupush kazi” he said