Equity and Safaricom Sign Agreement That Will Enable Kenyans Access Critical Finance Services

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Equity Group Holdings and Safaricom have today announced plans to create a joint transformation agenda that aims to enable more Kenyans to access critical services using an innovative combination of technology and finance.

Through collaboration that will align their joint purpose to transform lives, Equity and Safaricom hope to build more inclusive financial products, simplify cash delivery between their agents and share technical knowledge to build a common approach to risks such as fraud and cyber-security.

Specifically, the collaboration will see both companies work together to identify and deepen financial opportunities for Kenyans.

Both Equity and Safaricom have built their operations around the belief that technology and innovation can spur growth and create new opportunities for growth in areas like mobile financial services.

Equity Group CEO James Mwangi says the bank will continuously harness the power of technology to create opportunities to transform how people access and consume financial services.

Mwangi further stated that the bank will continue to create new bridges of opportunity for Kenyans as demand for services evolve with changing lifestyles.


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