DusitD2 waiter recounts serving attackers in the last few days

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A waiter at DusitD2 has narrated how he served the attackers coffee in the last few days.

The waiter who was recued on Tuesday night recounted how he remembers one of the attackers because of the huge scar he had on his arm.

“I knew one of them because he had a big scar on one of his hands,” he said. “I saw them. They shot six of my friends, four didn’t die but two succumbed.” He said

The waiter also narrated how he over heard the terrorists’ conversation asking about the happenings in Somalia.

“Why are you killing our brothers and sisters in Somalia? They no longer attend Madrassa,”he quoted

The president has announced that the attackers at the Riverside drive based hotel had been terminated.

Over 700 people were rescued from the hotel while 14 people have been confirmed dead.

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