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Avoid This Non Husband Materials !!!

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By Elishifa Wangeshi

Over the weekend I had a coffee date with my girls and as expected we wouldn’t skip discussing affairs of the heart.

Why did you break up with your former boyfriend? Am sure the answers differ from one person to another

But before you get into a relationship, let me just enlighten you on the type of men to avoid  because chances are, they will just waste your time .


He keeps questioning  your  every  move . Where you are, who you are with? .He barely gives you space to breath. Love and trust are inseparable and if a guy can   barely trust you ,how then can love thrive ?

This type of men are very dangerous and can be a bit hectic to deal with.



Most of this cute guys you see who in most cases hit the gym kama  ibada (daily bases) are broke, have nothing to offer apart from their cuteness.  Yes, once they hit it they’ll take you to cloud 9 but trust you me they never show  efforts of making money and investing  and God forbid they go broke trust you me you will be left paying for An Uber for them to be dropped at your doorstep.  Avoid this type of toxic  relationships which Will waste your emotions and head  nowhere


There is this group of men who will hit on you and pretend to be everything you want, they  will lie how they do not  do this and that  in an effort to  hit it and once they are done ,you get to see their true colors. Take time to differentiate pretenders from real niggas.


Another lot you should avoid is the kind of guys who are just flashy, new cars, trips, new everything at every end of the month. Men who you meet for a couple of months and not once have they spoken about investing, about building a home and long lasting investment . Drop him



He complains about what you wear ,eat, dress and basically everything you do has a fault . A man who loves you accommodates what makes you happy and doesn’t need to change you to accommodate him. This type will just waste your precious time


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