Drama In Court After Girl Rejects Irresponsible Mother

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There was drama at a Mwingi Law Court after a nine year old girl refused to go with the mother after the court handed her over to the mother.

The nine year old girl has apparently been living with her father since 2017.

Mwingi Principal Magistrate Mogire Onkoba apparently ruled in favour of the mother in a child custody case filed by the mother.

The child cried in court and clung on the father  in protest of the ruling by magistrate Onkoba.

Amid her tears she could be heard saying mi staki mi staki which loosely translates to i don’t want, i don’t want.

The mother in a bid to take, sought the services of police officers at the court, but the child still protested.

The whole incident was captured by some citizens in court who later shared the video on social media.

The social media uproar later saw the order recalled by the magistrate.

The father of the child had apparently taken her from the custody of the mother in 2017 after he received reports that the gil was being mistreated.

Reports indicate that upon filing for the custody of the girl, the woman alleged that the girl was being mistreated by the father and that she was also not going to school.

A report by a children’s officer sent by the court to establish the claims however found that they were untrue.