DPP says he will step aside if his father is probed on land grabbing

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Director of Public Prosecution  Noordin Haji now  says he will step aside should investigations reveal that his father, Garrisa senator Yusuf Haji was capable of  grabbing public land at the coastal  region.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News  Haji called on  anybody  with evidence that his father grabbed public land to take the allegations to the Director of criminal investigation other than using such to malign his name.

‘‘Am ready to step aside should court  confirm those allegations  but I wonder  where these people have been and even their time of questioning.’’ he said

Haji further downplayed  claims that the fight  against graft is political and  is targeting the deputy president William Ruto .

Haji added that he is only doing his job as stipulated by the constitution and that he will spare no one in the corruption  purge.

‘‘There is nobody who is above the law whether the DP or any other person involved we will come for you .’’ He said.

The DPP will later on tour Kayole  area to meet  different group in a function that is expected to take place at Kayole Social Hall.

The groups include Kayole social justice, baraza la wazee among other social groups in the area.

Currently the office of the DPP is pursuing  one of  Kenya’s shocking scandals in which 63 billion  shillings dam project where two cabinet secretaries are involved.

The two CS and several top government officials  have been grilled over the same with sources also indicating that president Uhuru Kenyatta is looking forward for major cabinet reshuffle.



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