DPP proposes reduction of petty offenders sentences

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petty offendersThe Office of the Director Of Public Prosecutions is organising a Task force that would come up with guidelines that  would reduce a number of petty cases in Remand.

This is according to a report released today by the office of the DDP on an initiative they had done where they visited 38 prisons across the country and talked to over 10,000 Remandees on the reasons why they were on remand.

According to the report most of  the Remandees are below 30 years with ages ranging from 16 to 17.

Dorcus Oduor secretary office of the DPP Majority of them have no legal representation and are facing charges over criminal petty offenses.

Some of the cases to be considered for lesser sentences by the Office of the DDP are petty cases that are still in remand.