Dj Pinye responds after DNA released his ‘kapinye’ dis track

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By Annette Amondi

A few days ago news made headlines that veteran deejay, dj Pinye had made some remarks that did not sit well with rapper DNA.

The deejay is reported to have said that he never played DNA’s songs during his time on Tv because they were mediocre.

The comment angered DNA who hit the studio and recorded a song dubbed ‘kapinye’ in response to the DJ’s remarks.

Deejay Pinye has since explained his side of the story adding that DNA only acted in anger.

“Good for him. He released a diss track but he even doesn’t know what I said. Whatever he was told that I said is not true. But all the same I’m good. Am too old to be bothered by such. This is not the first time anyway. As a matter of fact I have seen most of these artiste grow,” he said

Pinye also said he retired to pave way for new upcoming talent.

“I retired as a Deejay, niliwacha, siku hizi am mentoring musicians under 25. I realized I can’t Deejay forever and I wanted to exit so as I create platform for others like DJ Mfalme who came after me,”he added

When asked if he has beef with Khaligraph, he said the two of them are good and that he even explained his remarks to Khaligraph.

“Khaligraph and I are cool, we even talked and I made him understand that that’s not what I said,” he added

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