Diamond Platnumz team falls out with clouds media

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Drama never ends in singer Diamond Platnumz’s life. The singer’s management is once again involved in a heated debate with cloud’s media management after Diamond’s lead dancer allegedly beat up two journalists from the media house.

In retaliation, the Tanzanian media house banned all Wasafi record music from playing in their stations until the record label apologized to them.

Diamond’s manager Sallam S.K however said through a social media post saying they will not apologize since the media house was on the wrong.

The media house’s management had warned Diamond to watch his career because his team would drag him to his downfall.

“Where Diamond is heading there is a big hole and if he doesn’t jump early enough he will fall. And these three people will bring him down, Abdul Naseeb, Babu Tale and Sallam.” Wrote Erick Shigongo of cloud tv

The singer himself has not responded to the allegations regarding the back and forth with his team.

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