Diamond Platnumz suggests he might relocate from Tanzania

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By Annette Amondi

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz now says he will perform outside the country contrary to Basata’s ban which also forbids him from performing outside the borders of Tanzania.

The singer said that singing is his source of income terming Basata’s decision as Unfair.

He event went on to suggest that he is considering relocating from his home country.

“Nini kitanifanyikia, sio kunifungia nyimbo, hainipunguzii kitu, mkinifungia ntaenda nje ntaiperform tu. Kama hutoka niperform si natoka naenda country nyingine tu. Nabaki uko naperform nyimbo zangu.” He said

Diamond bashed the regulatory authority for interfering with his livelihood

“Kwa sababu sharia hairuhusu, nyimbo haichezwi Tanzania, Tamaduni kama Kenya zinaruhusu mwanifungwa kwa sababu gani sasa? Mwataka mimi nife na njaa? Tiffah watamnunulia diapers?” he added

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