Diamond expresses frustrations he faced while working with Rick Ross

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Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz finally narrated his experience working with American rapper Rick Ross for the hit song ‘Waka Waka’ months after the song was released.

The singer says Ross already had a preconceived notion about him and dis not even sound interested in doing the song together untill they first met.

Diamond narrated how the singer showed up hours late for the first video shoot giving them very little time to work on that set day.

Diamond traveled to Miami, USA in October 2017 to shoot his music video with Rick Ross. He reveals that it was not easy working with Rick Ross at the first time since he arrived late for the shoot.

“Siku ya kwanza call time ilikuwa 1pm na alikuja saa tatu usiku. Alipofika pale kwa sababu hatujawahi kukutana tulipoanza kushoot na kuongea nafikiri alipata picha tofauti, sjui alidhani mimi ni mshamba ama nini. Aliponiona alishangaa, akasema hii nguo mbona nzuri hivi, umetoa wapi? Nikamwambia hapa hapa na baada ya hapo akaanza kunipenda,” Diamond said.

He insists that they developed a good relationship then and there has never been bad blood between them as was rumored earlier.

“Hatukuwa tumemaliza video kwa hivyo ilibidi tupatane kesho yake, lakini tulikuwa na wasi wasi. Alifika on set 2 hours before call time na kwa sahi, sisi ni marafiki, and I love Rick Ross.” He added


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