David Wonder confirms debt owed to Bahati’s EMB Records

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Since their exodus from gospel singer Bahati’s EMB records both David Wonder and Mr. Seed have had friction with the record label.

Bahati accused the two artistes of owing him a huge amount of cash following their exit and the two have also accused him of not paying them.

In a new twist of events, David Wonder has confirmed that both he and Mr. Seed owe Bahati some money but maintains that he does not know how much it is.

“An investment was made.However, I am not sure of the figure because when working we didn’t really put everything we did on paper. It’s true we owe him. I can’t agree or disagree with the figure but we owe him some money.” He said

Wonder added that there is plan to ensure Bahati gets his money back stating that EMB owns all the rights to the songs they released while there.

“All the songs we did while at EMB are registered under the label so the revenue that comes from the songs goes directly to them. According to the contract, the label was to own all the rights to the songs till they recovered the amount invested.” He added

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