Couple’s Fight Cause Fire Burning Down 300 Houses

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By Allan Otieno

A domestic fight between a couple in Kibera’s Laini Saba resulted into a fire incident that burnt down over 300 houses.

Its said that the couple had a misunderstanding before the two embarked on a fight that caused the stove to explode.

Fire then spread faster razing the other structures as residents tried to put it off but all in vain.

According Cicily Ayot  the residents have lost property worth thousand of shillings and most of them have been left homeless  following the incident.

‘‘From what we have  gathered the  fight between the couple caused the fire , as we speak  dozen are homeless and  property razed to ashes .’’

She further  urged those going through domestic violence to  seek other non-violent forms to resolve their issues saying what happened is a shame.

Concerns  have also been raised over house congestion in the area and that it was difficult for the fire fighters to access the place.

‘‘We want to  ask landlord in this area to at least to  leave some space where fire vehicles can pass rescue us whenever there is a fire incident.’’ She added.

This week Nairobi City County government receieved  shillings 200m from UK government to mitigate disater issues in the county.

According to governor Mike Sonko they will  invest high percentage on fire prevention .


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