County askaris shutdown young artiste’s event at Koinange street

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By Annette Amondi

County government askaris on Sunday August 26th shut down an event that was scheduled to take place along Koinange street in Nairobi.

The event dubbed Amani Mtaani was organized by Ebru Africa’s Deejay Memz and his counterpart Deejay Justin.

According to Deejay Memz the duo together with their organizing team had gone through the right procedures to ensure that the street was closed down for the Sunday event.

“We had gone through the right channels and ensured we had the permits and even received an 100% waiver. We even got four police officers from central police on Saturday 25th who manned the set up at night and another four on the morning of the event.” He said

He added that on Sunday morning county askaris stormed the morning event and demanded to know who authorized them to close the road.

He adds that upon showing them the permit and even after calling the authorities to confirm the askaris still took down their stage and equipment.

“They even called the lady who had organized for us the waiver to confirm and she told them that we had followed the right channel and even the city inspectorate office was aware but they still shutdown our event.” He added

There are speculation doing rounds that the council askaris may have been paid by a certain business owner on Koinange street to stop the event which was right outside his business premises.

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