Coronavirus: Kenyans Wake Up To A Rude Shock After Matatus Hike Fares

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Kenyans woke up to a rude shock on Monday after Matatu operators more than doubled bus fares following the stringent measures put by the government to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

In Umoja the operators were charging Ksh. 200 to town up from from the normal Ksh. 70.

Ruaka commuters also had to part with Ksh. 200 up from the normal Ksh. 70 while in Kibera the matatu operators were charging from Ksh. 50 up from the everyday’s Ksh. 20.

A spot check by Ghetto Radio News also revealed that the matatu operators had complied with the social distancing rule and were carrying less passengers.

The operators defended the move to hike fares saying that they did not have a choice since they still had to cover all the distances they are supposed when they were carrying a full bus.