Confessions of men dealing with heartbreaks

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‘’I will never forget about that Girl’’


It’s common to stereotype women as being emotional and crybabies especially when it comes to  how they  deal with Heartbreaks  and call men the tough ones.

I sought to find out if men go through that heartbreak phase or do they just move on and prove that they are  ‘’Tough’ .

1st Guy

‘’I was in campus and was dating this girl for a while and we were head over heels in love and never thought I would live a single day without her, sadly I found out she was having an affair with a richer guy and to be honest I was so heartbroken and I thought getting a new lady into my life would be a good way to forget her but it sank me into more pain. It’s been hard for me to love again and I have found myself with so many different women and none to call mine. There is a part of me she broke that will never be fixed’’

2nd Guy

‘’I din’t know I would feel pain, shattered and broken but sometime last year all those words described me. This lady was all I needed and wanted and she created an ‘’Illusion’’ that she felt the same about me but all over sudden she changed and sent all the signals that she was not interested  in me . It was a moment that changed me completely and coincidentally around that time I got saved and accepted the Lord as my personal savior. And I honestly think my journey in salvation is what made it easier to deal with this and am slowly accepting things and praying that God will grant me my queen ‘’


3rd Guy

‘’Mine was one hell of a complex situation,  she was pregnant and made me believe the pregnancy was mine, my friends kept saying the lady was trapping me but I wouldn’t fall for any of that . We went for a DNA after the baby was born and shock on me, The kid was not mine and the real dad came in and it became all dramatic. I was extremely broken and cutting communication was the only way to deal with the heartbreak ‘’

4th Guy

‘’This girl left me and the only way I was to deal with that was drink. I became a frequent drinker to an extent bar owners got to know me, my  phone number and house number and when am not in any bar they would give me a call, it was the only way to drown my heartbreak ‘’

From all these experiences I can firmly conclude that men actually take longer to deal with heartbreaks .just that they really talk much about their heartbreaks as compared to women.