Company sacks over 20 employees ahead of Labour Day Celebrations

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About 23 employees from a company known as Freight Kenya were on Monday fired over loss of Cargo.

Afflicted employees are however crying foul over the sackings saying those responsible for the loss of the products have not been laid off.

Ironically the sackings were done just a day before the Labour Day celebrations.

One of the fired employees who spoke to Ghetto Radio on condition of anonymity says some employees were laid off despite them being off duty and on leave on the particular day that the goods were lost.

A memo seen by Ghetto Radio shows the company writing to about 26 employees asking them to show cause why they should not be fired over 32 boxes that were lost on 25th of March.

“On 25th February 2018 there was a loss of 32 boxes on Air France and Freight Wings has since identified a flower syndicate within its premises. Kindly write a statement showing cause on why severe disciplinary action should not be taken against you,” read the memo.

The company further accused the sacked employees of of leading a syndicate that has been stealing flowers from the company and selling it to unknown and unauthorized dealers.

Another puzzling issue is that the complaint was made from the clinet in the UK and not within the company.

Efforts to get the company’s HR and Operations Manager to comment on the matter were futile.