Comedian YY speaks out on depression after losing unborn baby

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Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY, has for the first time opened up about suffering depression after losing his unborn baby.

YY said four years ago he faced the tough decision of choosing between the mother or the baby after she developed some serious complications.

“I had a lot of expectations and I was so excited but the excitement was cut short in a manner I did not expect. We went to the labour ward but the doctors recommended she has a Caesarian section. I went to book  but they said the theater was full.”  he said

YY says he still questions what happened but has taken it as a lesson even though the wound still hurts to date.

“Sometimes we question what happens but it may be a blessing or even could be a lesson that God wants us to learn from those particular situations. I took it as a lesson and although I endured the pain for a while, it made me a better person and I am now able to accept things as they come.” he added.

This comes just days after he celebrated himself on social media saying his late daughter would be four years old now.

“Happy Father’s Day To Me…my late daughter would be four years old today but everything happens for a Reason.” he posted on father’s day