Comedian Eric Omondi speaks out on settling down soon

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Comedian Eric Omondi made headlines after parting ways with long term girlfriend and fiancé Chantal Grazioli.

Even though the estranged couple has never revealed their reason for parting ways, it is now clear he does not plan on settling down soon.

While on a recent interview, Omondi revealed that the current generation rushes into marriage before taking time to know each other.

“Marriage is very important, but I feel as a generation, we are rushing into things. I believe this because I have witnessed it around me. We get into a relationship, then quickly have weddings, when in reality, we need time to know each other and understand what we are getting into. Marriage needs to be considered at the right time, with the right person.” he said

The comedian did not reveal when he plans on settling down but it is clear from his words it won’t be anytime soon.

“We all have different personalities. I have an uncle who married at 22, and I know people who have walked down the aisle at 56. There is no formula really.” he added

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