Comedian DJ Shitti Offers whole month shopping for woman with 17 Children

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Beatrice Atieno is the real definition of a phenomenal woman, having to raise a family of 17 children.

The woman who hails from Mathare 4A has been raising her seven children and ten grandchildren all under one roof.

Speaking on True Ghetto story, Atieno narrated how she has been a house help since 1991 and is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Atieno says she spends Ksh. 300 daily to put a meal on the table for her family.

Touched by the story, comedian DJ Shitti pledged to give Atieno a whole month’s shopping.

The comedian called in during the show narrating saying he has been inspired by her story adding that he emphasizes with her struggle.

“I have heard her story and I was truly touched because I have also passed through the same struggle. I will give her shopping this month. May she always remember that God is always there.” he said

Atieno narrated how the most delicious meal she has ever had is Matumbo and Ugali.

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