Clinical Officers Down Tools Over Pay

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A group of clinical officers has vowed not to report to work if the government does not pay them their dues.

The clinical officers under the union the Kenya Diploma of Clinical Officers Union has accused the government of exploiting them and their services.

They say that the government wants their full service but are giving zero appreciation  for the same.

“In the past four years, we have being having financial allocations by the ministry of finance, but the Government through the ministry of Health has been so reluctant to pay our interns and we know their ill motives,’ said George Gibore the Secretary General of Kenya Clinical Officers.

They have insisted that the money should be paid to the interns in arrears for the period they have provided their services starting May this year.

They say that the many unfulfilled promises about appending of signatures at last stage has become noise and will never be given an ear again.

“Today’s strike launch is just a preparation of a major strike in Nairobi next week  Monday if the Government shall not have mended its fake promises to the clinical officers,” further stated Gibore.