Chipukeezy responds to alleged beef with Khaligraph Jones

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Comedian Chipukeezy has been forced to respond after a local publication published an article purporting he attacked Khaligraph Jones.

In the article, the laugh master had allegedly called out Khaligraph to do collaboration with internet sensation Stivo Simple to prove his support for upcoming talent.

“If Khaligraph is the real OG like he calls himself, tell him to do a collabo with Simple Boy and share it on YouTube. With that, he will have shown his support for this young man.” he was quoted saying

Chipukeezy now maintains that the publication twisted his words in a bid to garner clicks.

He has also accused the blog of trying to stir up beef between him and Khaligraph Jones.

“Listen mpasho story kama hizi hakuna mtu zinasidia hazisaidii industry hazisaidiii wasaniii HAZIWASAIDII NYINYI WENYEWE kama MPASHO NA PIA WATU WANASOMA andikeni vitu za kikweli na kujengana … OG hawa watu wanadai aje jameni #ResepcttheOG,” he said

His sentiments come just a day after Khaligraph called out the media for using Stivo Simple for ratings then hanging him to dry.

“Naona Sai Kila mtu anataka Kuleta Uyu Kijana Interview kwa Show zao sababu Atawaongezea Ratings, alafu Badala ya kuongelea Mihadarati mnaanza kumuuliza kama Yeye ndio the most handsome man when he clearly stated he is not a comedian but an artist, @chipukeezy make sure All his Expenses are being catered for by anyone who wants to host him on their TV/ Radio/Blog shows, hawa watu wanapenda kuitana interview wanakutumia alafu wanawacha msanii mdogo Aende Nyumbani Njaa bila ata fare ikome Tafadhali, support them, The Og shall be Respected #mrinternational,” he wrote on social media