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count2When man was created, an innate desire to dream and become was put in him. For every breathe he takes he wants to matter and leave a footprint. This desire to be counted is at its peak during our youth years and while this is a good thing,there is the risk of it being  corrupted and clouded. In a bid to tackle the Violent Extremism, the Youth Leaders and mentees strongly believe that nurturing the talents and capabilities of the youth would be the most appropriate path to venture.

‘It is one thing to ask the youth to shun Violent Extremism and criminal acts but you need to give them a choice’, said one Youth leader. This aptly capturing the need for society to reign in and support their youth. Training and providing opportunities for them will close up their vulnerability to be preyed on by the radicals and will also weaken these terror groups.

From their narrations, one gets a sense of recklesness especially on the part of government who have declared war on the wrong enemy aggravating the situation further.  Pictures are painted of a ruthless police force who unleash terror on the youth without any evidence. A  ‘fire brigade’ approach would be best but in this instance the government institutions are sen to poke on the wound even more. This according to the Youth leaders and mentees is unacceptable and detrimental to our fight against this vice

They hop onto the bandwagon to counter Violent Extremism ( #CVE )but with a belt of conditions advocating for youth empowerment. They are of the opinion that no progress will be made if the the government does not dismount from the high horse and listen to the grievances of the youth. All they ask is a chance to be heard saying that their potential for radicalism was like a blank canvas and the government and other stakeholders get to decide which extreme the painting lies.