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Catherine Kamau on why she left mother in law

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It was getting uncomfortable

Former mother in law actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina has finally opened up on why she left the show at a time when she was the darling of the audience.

The actress while speaking to Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central said that the familiarity among the cast contributed to her decision to quit the show and seek better platforms.

‘I think looking back at things ,it was God’s time for me to leave but I wish I left in a nice way.I think familiarity breeds contempt and sometimes people don’t understand your violin until you leave” she said

She went on to explain that the situation was getting uncomfortable for her during the recordings of the show.

The situation was getting uncomfortable and you know I was breaking away.

I wanted to do other things and it was not going well with the management. I just resigned without a plan… okay there’s something that happened and you know I’m a hothead and I just left ” She added.