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Conte’s last straw?

It is not a matter of debate that this is Antonio Conte’s last season at Chelsea. The question is however, how fast will he leave? We can bet on this, that he will be forced to announce his resignation on Thursday. This will be after…

It is a dangerous time to be Kenyan

By Gathua Miricho It is a dangerous time to be Kenyan. It is only in Kenya where a citizen can be deported to a foreign country. It is only in Kenya where one can be mugged in broad daylight in the glare of the public. Lastly, it is only…

Word yangu ya peace kwa Wakenya

Kwanza na dai kuwa bigop tena sana kwa ile love ume show kwa country yetu kenya hii period ya hizi ma election zina endelea. Ma yut wame kuwa waki beba ngori za ma politician after uchaguzi ku manyuria but dis time ma yut wa nai wame…