Cartoonist Gado hilariously mocks Anne Waiguru’s true love cover

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If you haven’t seen this month’s copy of True Love magazine then you are missing the joke every Kenyan online is happy about.

Governor Anne Waiguru was featured on the cover and Kenyans were furious questioning why the magazine opted for her to grace the cover.

Well, Cartoonist Gado took a hilarious hit at the magazine’s cover creating his own version which Kenyans seem to be loving more than the actual copy.

The magazine sparked uproar when they featured Waiguru as an inspirational figure to celebrate the International Women’s Day. It seems Kenyans are yet to forget the NYS scandle when Waiguru was at the helm of The devolution ministry.

On the actual cover, True love refers to Waiguru as a True grit and an iron lady but Gado will have none of that as he portrays her as a corrupt person addressing her as “true graft