Boy aged 8 clubbed to death as he tried to protect little sister over sexual abuse

Boy dies while protecting little sister!

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

Dante Daniels, aged 8, bludgeoned to death trying to protect little sister

It has been reported that Brave Dante Daniels suffered a severe brain damage and died just after 6 days after he was allegedly attacked by his mum’s ex-boyfriend Deandre Chaney Jr.

The eight-year-old boy was killed with a hammer as he tried to protect his little sibling from being sexually harassed.

Brave Dante Daniels suffered severe brain damage and died six days after the assault.

Suspect Deandre Chaney Jr charged with murder and attempted murder

Now the Suspect by the name Deandre Chaney Jr. is also accused of attacking Dante’s mum Elizabeth Salone and his seven-year-old sister Danae.

The mother and children were rushed to hospital following the attack in Sacremento, California, on the 1st of September  this year.

Mum Elizabeth was also attacked

“Trying to save his sister from this child molester, that’s why he was beat the worst,” she said.

She added: “Dante gave his heart to a four-year-old in Southern California, so a four-year-old lives because of him.”