Betty Kyalo calls cops on Suzanne Kaitanny

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Posh Palace owner Susan Kaittany was arrested on Monday for allegedly retaining KTN anchor Betty Kyalo’s passport.

Betty, accompanied by two officers, walked into the spa asked to see Susan before leading her away.

The anchor had left Posh Palace having severed their partnership in the business over issues that are not known but seems to be very messy.

Sources, who were at the salon at the time said a male and female officer left the premises with Susan.

“It looked like they were trying to intimidate Susan asking her why she is holding on to Betty Kyalo’s passport,” one of them said.

Betty’s passport was allegedly left at Susan’s home after the two went on an exotic trip to Thailand some time last year.

Susan said that her lawyer is handling the matter and therefore, could not comment further.

Kaittany was taken to Kilimani police station and ironically no OB was recorded.

“This is the only way we can talk,” Betty was heard saying while at the spa.