Benpol exposes Harmonize and Khaligraph for sliding into Anerlisa’s DM

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Tanzanian singer Benpol is not playing when it comes to his woman Anerlisa Muigai.

According to a video on his Youtube channel, Benpol for the first time revealed that he has dated Anerlisa for almost a year and a half and not just a few months as most people think.

When a fan asked him how open the two of them are with each other and if he reads her direct messages, Benpol responded saying he knows of celebrities who have been hitting on Anerlisa in her inbox.

According to the singer, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph and Tanzanians Shettah and Harmonize are some of the celebrities he’s caught slidding into Anerlisa’s DM.

Benpol maintains that he is not surprised because Anerlisa is beautiful and any man would want a chance with her.

“Wasanii wapo ninawaona Shettah. Harmonize, Khaligraph wasanii wapo nawaona kwanza blue ticks pale verified lakini sishangai kwa sababu ni msichana mrembo na ukipata nafasi ya kukaa naye kama hivi ndio unaona uzuri wake Zaidi. Zinaonekana,”said Ben Pol

He also revealed how the lass spoils him silly saying the Anerlisa he knows is different from what the public eye sees.

“Kusema ukweli hata unajua picha iliyopo nje picha ninayoiona mimi ni picha mbili tofauti kabisa. Watu huku nje wanaweza kusema CEO lakini Ana ninayemjua mimi ni Ana ambaye nitaamka asubuhi aakutengenezea breakfast anakuletea kitandani. Ni Ana amabaye utakuwa umeenda kuoga ukatoka ukakuta nguo zako zimenyooshwa, kashakuchagulia nadhani vaa hivi kashakuwekea mpaka accessories. Huyu ndio Ana ninayemjua mimi,” he added

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