Auma Obama defends her statement calling Luos beggars

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Former US President Barrack Obama’s sister Auma Obama has clarified a statement she made on Live TV insinuating that Luos are beggars.

Auma who received a backlash especially from the Luo community last week over her remarks saying the culture of handouts must come to an end in the Luo Community.

“The culture of gonya gonya must be done away with by empowering the young people, ” Auma told Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta.

She however defended herself saying that her statement was meant to tell them that the Luo people need to start learning how to take care of themselves.

” I am not calling Luos beggars, i am simply telling them that we need to start taking care of ourselves and it is not difficult because we can,” she said