Atwoli calls on President Uhuru to scrap 16% fuel tax

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Cotu has asked the government to scrap the 16% VAT on petroleum products.

COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli said the levy of petroleum products is making life unbearable for Kenyans.

Atwoli faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for remaining silent when Kenyans are suffering.

“Since the President returned back from China, the public has been waiting from him to comment on the issue,” he said.

He went on to ask the government to tax those who had aquired their wealth via dubious ways.

“We know who have money in their houses and we know who has acquired property through dubious means. Why don’t you tax them heavily? We need to look for other means of getting revenue,” Atwoli said.

He called on President Uhuru to crack the whip on corrupt individuals, saying Cotu is behind him.

“We are 100 per cent behind the President. We support the handshake between him and opposition leader Raila Odinga and every effort made to fight corruption, “he added

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich effected the 16% fuel levy on September 1.

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