Ali Kiba to receive Ksh. 9 million for his wedding video

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Bongo star Ali Kiba is set to wed his fiance Amina Rikesh Khaleef in a swahili wedding later today and later hold a white wedding. Rumour has it that the singer will pocket up to Sh. 9 million when he finally says “I do”.

The musician has managed to keep information about his nuptials under wraps so as to respect his contract with Azam TV to exclusively air the events or sell to other outlets.

Kiba will allegedly pocket a sum of between Tsh100 million (Sh4.5 million) and Tsh200 million (Sh9 million) from Azam TV for his wedding video rights.

A source close to the singer confirmed that he indeed sold the exclusive air rights to the broadcaster.

“Sio kweli mzee sasa kama ‘bosi’ analipia harusi ili iwe aired kwa nini aifanye kuwa siri? Ukweli wa mambo ni kwamba yeye ndiye kapiga mkwanja mrefu hapa. Tunazungumzia mamilioni ya pesa na ndio maana kawa kimya na vitu vimefanywa kwa siri kubwa ili kuiheshimu ule mkataba unaoipea Azam all exclusive rights ya kuipeperusha,”(It is not true, If he was to pay for the wedding to be aired then why make it a secret? The truth is, he made the deal. we are talking millions that’s why he has remained quiet regarding the details of his wedding so as to respect the terms agreed upon with azam tv.) the source disclosed.

The couple will have two weddings, a Swahili wedding in Mombasa today and another in Dar es Salaam next week, 26th April.