Ali Kiba speaks out after Missing AFRIMMA Award

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By Annette Amondi

Bongo sensation Ali Kiba has spoken out for the first time since missing the AFRIMMA best male East Africa award 2018.

Ali Kiba spoke out after a section of critics said he is no longer the star he once was.

The singer rubbished the claims saying if he wasn’t good enough he wouldn’t have received a nomination.

“Sijashuka kimuziki kama ningekuwa nimeshuka basi wasingeniingiza kwenye hizo tuzo zao za AFRIMMA, kuna siku za kupata na kukosa na vilevile katika swala la tuzo lazima upromote na sikuipromote,” he said (My music has not deteriorated if it had then I don’t think I would have been nominated for an AFRIMMA award. I would say that when it come to awards you win some and you lose some. And when it comes to awards sometimes you have to urge people to vote for you and I didn’t)

The singer went on to say that he does ot make music for awards but for the love of it.

“Mimi sifanyi muziki ajili ya tuzo mimi pesa zangu nafanya kwa kuuza muziki wangu na kufanya show, kwa hivyo tuzo sizitilii maanani sana. Mambo ya tuzo inakuja as a by the way,”

Ali Kiba won the same award last year.

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