Why Akothee’s baby daddies are after her children

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akotheeControversial singer Akothee took on social media to rant about how her baby daddies are after her children now that she has found a new love in her life.

The singer said that her baby daddies are using devious means such as trying to steal them from school just to try to hit back at her. for loving someone else.

‘’Baby you have woken up my Exes , some baby daddies have gone to try steal their children from school just to try hit on me,Let them steal even the headmaster I will not talk to him how can you steal from your own pocket let’s see if they will manage.’’ She said.

Akothee and her manager Nelly Oaks have been the talk of town since the two openly took to social media to parade their love for each other, a story that at first baffled many since Nelly recently became a father.

Akothee has always shared the news about her baby mzungu daddies and at some point even called them stingy.