Akothee leaves team mafisi salivating after posting Bedroom Photo

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Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee left tongues wagging over the weekend after posting a provocative photo on social media.

The singer caused mixed reaction after sharing a photo posing semi-nude on her bed.

Netizens were divided regarding the photo with some arguing that it is wrong for her to post such because she is a mother.

However another section were convinced that it’s okay because she is just appreciating her body.

zak_wainaina: Mgongo kama ya mwanaume muscles

karanja4145 : Self integrity and respect is a very important aspect in life .😢”

bootynation254 : Hizi picha wachia kina rue baby,,,we don’t want to see your fossil body madam boss😂😂😂😂bosses don’t show off their body like you do…aiii!!!why don’t you copy your friend