Akothee joins the conversation surrounding Zari and Diamond

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Singer Akothee has broken her silence in the drama surrounding her bff Zari Hassan and her ex Diamond Platnumz.

Akothee has ome out to defend Zari terming her as a woman of steel who cannot be shaken.

According to Akothee, the fact that Diamond has taken one year to open up about his estranged relationship simply shows that he is scared of Zari’s new relationship.

“But men surely, What is the problem?
Does it scare you when A woman moves on to better heights without you or what?? So you cheat on a woman countless times and then you even ask for forgiveness everywhere not only on radio nor TV but also social media
She forgives you but you repeat your mistake. When she finally decided she’s done with you and she moves since you are one blocking her pathway to increase her Value…
You keep quiet. When she finds someone better than you…you now start coming out and talk about how she is the one who was cheating… And yet she had two kids with you.” She said

Akothee also attacked Diamond for failing to take care of his kids then playing victim.“Then we learn you don’t even visit them, none of you support is even felt i.e emotional, physical or financial. And she is not even disturbing you, she is raising all these kids on her own…ati you want her to drop them in your Country .. Are they luggage?? Men its high you stop messing with single women..you can break other people down but not a single mother…she has a backbone made of steel… Anyway .No man dresses better than the one who does not take care of his kids… Good morning loves” she added

Zari and Diamond have been trending since Diamond claimed that Zari cheated on him with Peter Okoye of P-square.

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