Akothee “Insults” Fans Who Called Her Outfit Trashy, Brags its worth Kshs.35,000 Only. (Pics)

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akoAkothee is back, just barely a month after fatally losing her twin pregnancy. This time around Akothee has sworn that there is no more baby making (as it was known to be a hobby) …just travelling and doing what makes her happy.

And so to say on that note, Akothee landed in Kenya early last week where she was scheduled to perform at Lodwar on the 30th September 2016.

As usual, this woman is a show stopper and it was guaranteed that she’d bring the town into a standstill!!! But oh, something went wrong. She had an epic fashion fail.

Apparently Akothee showed up in red rumber shorts kinda resembling a swimming costume that had a net skin tight underneath. She then accentuate the “outfit” with some white boots and her signature headphones.

For the first time ever, fans ranted on Akothee’s outfit baring in mind that her fashion taste is always on fleek. A good number called the outfit trashy and asking her to stick to her normal “vitenges”.

Expectedly, Akothee responded and it wasnt anything close to being polite;

” Only those with inferiority complex complains bitterly about my performance  costume, otherwise if you had  a body that could rock that a tire, trust me you could order from my personal designer @phina_marcotte, it’s cheap goes for $ 350 , come witness what I have for Www.Afrimma.com it’s gonna be maaadness #sumbuaaataarif,” Akothee defended herself.

She further went on to ask those hating to change their panty wardrobes since they date from 2014;

“If you call this a swimming costume ,well I don’t blame you because the closest you have been to a pool is on internet  !we  understand, listen when I don’t reply to your comments is because I want to be nice ,for I can finish some people here with just a sentence , go check the last time you changed your panties! are they not from 2014 ? Am just asking ??????let’s catch flights & not feelings.”

Woooh…woooh madamboss, you went a little to far, forgetting that life is very unpredictable. Her pride was clearly revealed with the way she handled ridicule. Honest critics.

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