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Akothee Compares Herself To Michael Jackson, Fans Catch Fire

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By Cate Kioko

Controversial singer Akothee’s facebook post has steered reactions from her fans after she compared herself with late King of Pop’ Michael Jackson.

In the caption,Akothee congratulated herself saying that it is only her and Michael Jackson who have performed to one person In history.

“It’s only me and Michael Jackson that has performed for one person! I am honoured i feel blessed! See my crowed jamming on full band with stage and sound for 10,000 people! ” the caption read.

However some of her fans did not take this comparison lightly and took to the comment section to sarcastically deny the comparison.

“Michael Jackson and Akothee can never be mentioned in one sentense under whatsoever circumstance. Respect the legend(may his soul rest in peace),’’ commented Cde Veekey Arsenalfanatic.

‘‘That statement can make MJ resurrectionout of anger. How do you could his name be used together with that of Akothe in one sentense? May his soul rest in peace.’’ Isaiah Janabi’s also stated.

Shakirah Shaki comment bushed men who were captured dancing with Akothee saying ‘‘where were the wives of those men, was it for only males and one female!!?’’