Activists raise concern over pollution of Gatharaini river in Githurai

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Activists in Githurai  44 have raised concern over the ongoing pollution of the Gatharaini river which flows to the Nairobi river.

The activists claim most plots are channeling raw sewage into the River causing a health hazard.

Wachira Nyaga and activist with Githurai Human Rights Network says the pollution of the River has seen area residents face outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

“Sewerage has been directed to the river and this is hazardous.There are children swimming and women washing clothes in this river and this will cause disease outbreak,” said Nyaga

“Cholera had spread just the other day and most families living near the river were affected.” he added.

He says their efforts to get the National Environment and Management Authority to address the matter have been futile as the NEMA officers keep directing them to the area’s ward administrator.

Pleas to area MCA and chief to salvage the situation have also not bore any fruits.

“We alert the authorities everyday.The MCA must be taking bribes from landlords because he has been neglecting us in the grassroots,” he stated.