Accident As Embakasi Thugs Attempt To Steal Battery From Moving Trailer

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There was a major traffic snarl up on Friday morning along the Outering Road in Embakasi following an accident caused by a trailer.

The accident occurred after two suspected thugs attempted to steal battery from the moving trailer.

Eye witnesses say that the thugs mission was however thwarted by passersby who raised the alarm after seeing them.

The thugs having realised that they had been spotted tried to hurriedly remove the battery but in the process interfered with the brakes of the trailer.

This made the driver to lose control hitting up the metal way boundaries injuring one person who had minor injuries on his chest, legs and arms.

According to the witnesses, this is not the first incident in the very spot, which they termed a black Spot.

They are appealing to the National Government hasten the construction of the on going fly over as a measure to prevent such accidents.

They also want the government to erect traffic lights on the roads as the best measure to deal with those taking advantage of the darkness steal from the trucks.



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