86 people raped in Nairobi during elections

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A total of 92 people were killed during the 2017 electioneering period.

A report released by the Kenya National Human Rights commission states that out of the 92 deaths, 10 were children.

KNHRC Chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori says they also reported 86 cases of rape in Nairobi County.

The report also revealed that approximately property worth 22 million was also lost during the tightly contested elections.

Kagwiria has faulted political leaders of shifting focus to 2022 elections instead of addressing the atrocities and healing the country.

“The KNCHR noted that the use of force by police was rampant in the October repeat presidential election and unlike the August 8 poll period, civilians too armed themselves with daggers and pangas and became active perpetrators of electoral violence,” Mbogori said. Eighty-six cases of sexual and gender-based violence,particularly rape, in Nairobi, were recorded, the report says.

“During the repeat election period, the commission documented 35 deaths resulting from post-poll violence between September 1 and October. Three of the dead were children, two were women, while the rest were men between the ages of 18 and 50 years approximately,” Mbogori said.

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