22 Kenyans kidnapped by police officers

22 Kenyans kidnapped by police officers

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NASA MPs have condemned the government for failing to secure the release of the 22 fishermen allegedly arrested by Ugandan police officers.

Suba MP Joh Mbadi John Mbadi says the Kenyans were arrested at the Migingo Island.

Nyatike MP Tom Odege faulted Kenyan authorities for letting Uganda soldiers raise their flag in his constituency.

Odege says the people of Nyatike will only recognize Uhuru’s presidency if he stands to defend the borders of Kenya.

Nyatike constituency borders Uganda and Tanzania.

“We cannot be colonised in our own constituency and we purport to be in a government which is silent, a government that is in bed sleeping,” he said.

“The kidnapped fishermen are being forced to eat raw fish in a country like Kenya where some us went to school from the fish business,” he said.