Hessy Wa Kayole strikes again!!

by • May 17, 2017 • FEATURED, TRENDINGComments (1)18200

Criminals. Don’t blame it on the police when it happens because clearly you are warned. This happened Wednesday in patanisho area in Kayole.

They were warned on Tuesday and today one of them is no more, so true to his word Hessy wa Kayole  is not beating about the bush. He is as serious as they come.

Your days are numbered so heed from your criminal activities or he will be coming for you.




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  • P njoro

    Its very good we are killing these young men because thy are a menace in their communities and Ghetto Radio supports it. But i want to draw a parralel line along the one of street gangsters.. The government workers gangsters. Presidents, deputies, CSs, Governors, Parastatal heads and all other govt agencies and institutions are stealing in billions denying our children life opportunities or thy r not willing to stop corruption. These young men death is nothing but death,, an escape from tragedy. Probably we should be equally ruthless to these state robbers and murderers who have killed our children thru corruption.