14 Confirmed dead, Terrorists Neutralized – President Uhuru Kenyatta

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that a total of 14 people lost their lives at the Riverside attack on Tuesday afternoon.

While giving the presidential address, president Kenyatta also confirmed that all the terrorists involved in the attack have been neutralized.

“Kenya was yesterday struck by a gang of criminals who hoped to terrorize our people by committing acts of murder and mayhem, I can now confirm that as of about one hour ago the security operation at Dusit complex is over and all the terrorists eliminated. As of this moment we have confirmation that 14 innocent lives were lost through the hands of these murderous terrorists.” He said

The President said that security forces would seek out and arrest all those who were involved in the terrorist attack either by funding or facilitating the terrorists.

“We will seek out every person that was involved in the funding, planning and execution of this heinous act. We will pursue relentlessly wherever they will be until they are held to account,” he added

President Uhuru also sent out condolences to the bereaved as he mourned those who lost their lives.

“We are grieving as a country and my heart goes out to all the innocent men and women violated by the senseless violence,” said Mr. Kenyatta.

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